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Sixty-nine years ago came the first ever Playboy issue. It featured all of the content that any good gentlemen’s magazine should have, including high society culture, advice on how to dress and comport as a bachelor, and pursuing the swinger lifestyle.

But Hefner had something that no one else had the rights to a sexy photoshoot from ‘49 featuring none other than the legendary lady, Marylin Monroe.. While tame by our standards, this series of photos of the first ‘it’ girl proved that a men’s magazine could openly discuss and graphically display gratifying images of women.

Ironically, even Hugh Hefner himself did not think that the magazine would sell well (that’s why the first issue does not have a date), but it did, by truckload.

This publication proved that you can couple high society with open talk of sultry topics, has spawned one of the biggest and oldest porn fandoms ever, unquestionably inspired Penthouse and Hustler, and as you might guess myself. So, in homage to this magnificent magazine, I am going to go through its history.

▎It all began with a suave man with an unusual business plan

The original idea that Hefner had was to release a groundbreaking magazine, originally named Stag Party, aimed at bachelor men. Specifically, it was for fellas who enjoyed things like talking about jazz, Nietzsche, and, of course, SEX.

Now, where did the money come from to make this vision come true? If you can believe it, Hefner got a thousand-dollar loan from his mother! That one investment seemed to have been just enough, as Hefner eventually bought a photoshoot featuring Ms. Monroe in the late forties and used them for his first publication.

But this sensual publication contained more than just pinup images. It had other content that would be considered dangerous by ‘polite’ society.

PlayBoy also fueled the growth of the (non-pornographic) arts as well. Playboy published noteworthy works of famous authors, including Harlan Ellison, Roald Dahl, Haruki Murakami, and Margret Atwood. In fact, Ray Bradbury’s famous novel Fahrenheit 451 was serialized in three sections in Hefner’s magazine since no one else would publish it. Other intellectual aspects of the magazine included in-depth cultural op-eds, political opinions, and interviews with radical, counter-cultural intellectuals.

Of course, the backlash to Hefner’s work was met with no small amount of backlash from mainstream culture. Though, I have found that it seems to have died down in recent times. I cannot be sure, but maybe actually buying a Playboy made some of the haters release their pent-up frustration. XD

To this day even, the radical feminists like Gail Dines try to paint Hefner as “the oldest pimp in the world” (as if that would be insulting) and disempowering or even degrading women. I am not sure how they rationalize that, considering cover models are paid twenty-five grand for a single photo shoot, but logic and consistency are not the strongest suits of those types, I have found.

▎Over the decades, the erotic empire only got bigger

Despite the haters and competition provided by even “harder” rivals, Hefner’s magazine exploded in popularity throughout the sixties and continued throughout the twenty-first century. This is in no small part due to the phenomenal talent who posed in the lad mag’s monthly publications.

There are the more well-known models which everyone knows about, including Jenny McCarthy, Carmen Electra, Tyra Banks, and Pamela Anderson.

But there are several of them who do not get enough attention. For instance, back when the United States was still a little hot from all of the racial animosity brought about by the civil rights movement and the opposition, Playboy featured their first ebony cover model, Darine Stern, in October 1971. And as far as I know, she might be the first black starlet to appear in a major men’s magazine.

Other Playmates include Marilyn Cole, who, in the January 1972 edition, did something that had never been (and some thought never would) appeared on a Playboy cover, and that shows full-bush. This change in policy was no doubt spurred by competition with Penthouse as part of the famous ‘Pubic Wars.’

They have even featured a woman who very well might be the most mature high-profile model, Victoria Valentino, who was seventy-seven years old when the magazine featured her.

And thanks to high-speed internet, along came Playboy Plus.

This spectacular site provides everything that every awesome premium porn site does, including beautiful pictorials and gorgeous videos but with all of the most recent Playmates to gaze at. As was the case in the old days, the models featured on this site are hands down among the hottest women on the planet. Moreover, they have that hard-to-define but palatable essence of being a Playmate.

But then, suddenly, the magazine ended its distribution of porn.
Do you think that OnlyFans was the only big porn distributor to get big in the skin business and suddenly stop producing adult content? Well, you would be wrong. Like so many things, when it comes to the skin business, Playboy was the first to do that, too.

For two years, the monthly periodical, famous for making porn acceptable in public, stopped featuring any smut. Apparently, this was an attempt to appeal to younger, hip urbanites i.e., hipsters – and no, I am not kidding. That really was the excuse given. They still had hot women posing suggestively in lingerie, but there was no real nudity. At this point, Playboy had become nothing more than a slightly more intellectual version of the Sport's Illustrated bikini edition.

After the collective freakout from consumers, the magazine realized very quickly the mistake they had made. And so, Playboy announced about a year later that they were going back to bring us the goods, and they surely have been, if you ask me.

▎Other famous Playmates have played with none other than ME

Being such a fan of the work that the great Hugh Hefner has done, I am highly appreciative of all of his works, whether it is the iconic magazine, Playboy TV, and all other media. But seeing something is great and all, but having hands-on experience is oh so much better.

Over the years, I have had the chance to get together and not only meet Playmates but have them on the best sex casting couch: my own, which you can see on W4Porn. Having had so much fun with these ladies, it only made sense to shine the limelight on these models in this blog.

▁ Eliza Ibarra

If you somehow have not heard of her (and how have you not, considering how much I have blogged about her?) Eliza Ibarra has been in the skin business since 2018. She has wracked up hundreds of hot videos for which she has won three awards – so far.

Eliza has been featured in some fantastic scenarios, including holiday-themed scenes, and has also done outstanding work with another gal on this list. And in November 2021, she became a Playboy Playmate. It seems exceptionally fitting when you think about it. Besides her list of prior accomplishments, she has been fucked by a humanoid rabbit.

Then in March of 2022, I posted a porno of myself and her on my other website. During the scene, she proved that she could do everything from twerk her jello, jerk delicious dick, fucking using her feet, and seems to have a real craving for cum all over her!

▁ Gianna Dior

From the American state of Alabama, this southern belle is blessed with an impressive pair of D-sized knockers, an hourglass figure, and an ass that won’t quit, she has been getting amazing work for four years now.

Needless to say, our scene together was spectacularly sensational. When you watch it, it’ll make sense as to why she has won awards for the best oral scene, two for the best boy-girl scene, among others. Throughout the whole thing, she admits to having cum multiple times before I did, too. But before you do all of that, I suggest that you warm yourself up first by reading my scintillating Gianna interview.

▁ Kira Noir

This starlet had been on my radar for a long time. I mean, I have listed her as being one of the most beautiful starlets in my Hottest ebony girls getting fucked post in early 2019. I was so impressed when I looked into her work I was compelled to do another post about just a handful of her hot-ass videos about a year later.

And as luck would have it, two years after that, I managed to get her on my couch. Between the steamy verbal back and forth we started out with, the mind-blowing blowjob, and the positions that we flipped through, I am not sure which part was my favorite. Hell, I was riding such a natural high that I honestly don’t remember all of the details of what happened.

Good thing for me, I think one of my adoring fans who goes by the handle Ricky put how our scene when he said…

"She is truly mesmerizing and just getting more gorgeous like fine wine! So hot, so sexy, and have the perfect body and wonderful smile.”

And I could not agree more. Don’t you?

Of course, once you finish reading this article, you should immediately check out these ladies on PDC.

▎Here is the last little bit from yours truly

Unfortunately, like the great Larry Flynt, Hugh Hefner has now since passed but is surely not forgotten. So, to keep his memory alive, please share this with your friends, fuck buddies, and social media followers. I am certain they will be the least bit curious about the real story of the life’s work of one of porn’s greatest legends.

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